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Business model on software platform can be seen in may business and we use the platform very often (ie. PC OS/ Mobile OS/ Shopping site// SNS). Around 60 companies among 100 famous global companies have been gaining  financial advantage by platform business. FusionDesign offers the business model on software platform to companies thinking about implementing the platform strategy.

More importantly, all platform is different. This means there is no common strategy in all platform.  The business model for PC OS and console game machine and SNS  and Cloud are all different.  

We offer you specilized business model on software platform based on your strategy and business model. More precisely, We focus on accumulation of intangible relation with complementary users such as ISV to have inimitable software platform. 

If you are interested in our service, we are happy to introduce it. 

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Consulting for Muitiside business model    

on software platform