FusionDesign Inc.

 Global Project Support in English 

As Salesforce has been expanding in Japan, the salesforce project is requiring English skill in global project. However, we Japan have shortage of salesforce experts who can speak English as the solution architect. Fusion Design is to help company for this issue. We help either clients and salesforce vendors who need English for salesforce projects.

For more information, please check this (In EN).

Inhouse salesforce development and management

FusionDesign assists inhouse implementation for salesforce so that client can implement whole salesforce by themself. We review all configuration client made via project management tool, then we feedback best practice for each configuration. As for apex and visualforce and lightning, we do same approcach. The important thing is that client does all for salesforce. We are only reviewing and teaching  that so than client can learn salesforce.

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Salesforce related service