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CRM as business model

CRM system is getting expanded in Japan. Especially, cloud based CRM system is becoming practice in sales department.

However, CRM system as business model is still issues in enterprises. Nowaday, cloud based CRM system is mainly to help enterprises' operation. We FusionDesign have different approcach. All CRM system originally is to help customer relationship management such as building customer bond or partner relationship along with business model. Business model should contains also Partners and Resources and Activity and Cost model and Revenue model and value proposition and customer segment and CRM. Thereforce, even cloud based CRM system should be considered as part of business modelCloud based CRM system such as salesforce has capability to enhance CRM. This means good design of cloud based CRM system leads to  good business model. We design cloud based CRM system as part of business model to make your business model better . 

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CRM as business model