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Our domain

Multiside business model on software platform

Multiside business model is getting critical infrastructure in business of B to B and B to C. Multiside business model means that platform has 2 distinctive customer groups (ie. software developers and end users on PC OS).We cousult and develop this multiside business model structure on "software platfrom" for those who would like to start the business. Moreover, we customize the business model based on your strategy and business. This means we offer a unique platform to client.

Design of CRM software on business model

All of CRM (customer relationship management ) system should be as your business model. This is to say that CRM system is just not IT system or helping daily business operation . Therefore, we do not develop or implement CRM as only IT system. We help to design CRM system as your competitive business model along with other business model components.

Salesforce (global project and inhouse)

We help salesforce project requiring English to communicate with global salesforce team. We offer solution architect who can speak English to implemente  global salesforce to Japan. Additionally, we explain what Japan needs for saleforce to global team based on salesforce best practice. We help clients who would like to have salesforce knowledge and way of implementation as in-house project. We teach and share all our knowledge of salesforce so that clients can cover all about salesforce on their own. This is a way salesforce should be.


We specialize in software platform's strategies and CRM as business model.